Risk and Liability Issues to Consider When Taking a Medical Director Position

by Sterling Risk Advisors

If you’re a physician and have been offered a great Medical Director position you might think, “What a great opportunity!” But, John Miller says there are a few things you might think about before you accept the job.

In the video below, he lays out the risks and liabilities that come into play when a physician accepts a Medical Director position.
1. Traditional medical insurance policies might not cover them.
2. What’s the Medical Director’s job?
3. What should a physician do when they get a Medical Director opportunity?
4. What are the common mistakes that Medical Directors make?
5. What’s the liability risk?
6. How do you protect against this kind of exposure?
7. What’s the potential cost?

What to Consider When Accepting a Medical Directorship Position: 


John W. Miller is a Principal and Broker with Sterling Risk Advisors specializing in Medical/Malpractice Insurance and Risk Management.  For more information on Mr. Miller please visit his bio page on our website at: http://www.sterlingriskadvisors.com/john-miller.php.